1.499 singer vision lens
1.56 plastic optical lens
1.56 asp optical lens
1.61 plastic optical lens

Flat top bifocal lens
Round top bifocal lens

CR39 sunglass UC lens
CR39 sunglass tinted lens
CR39 polarized lens

1.523 Mineral glass lens
1.70 Mineral glass lens

Our Advantage    
Direct Factory We produce our lenses by ourselves, as a direct factory, we can offer the lenses with high quality and low price.
Large Stock Due to many customers sell our lenses, so we have enough lens stock to let customer get lenses at anytime .
Best Price
To let our customer win the market, we offer the best price, usually lower than other factory about 2%.
Best Quality
We master production strictly, each process of production must be checked by expert.

Commodity: CR39 polarized lens
Diameter: 65mm,70mm
Base: 600c,800c

Plano polarized lens:

Spheric polarized lens:
Power range: 0. 00 / -6. 00

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